Social Media, Summer Interns & More!

We’ve been very busy this past month! We launched our social media pages on Monday, May 23rd. It has been awesome to see so many people engaging with us online, and we’re really excited to continue growing our audience. As of writing this post, we have 636 likes on Facebook. Many thanks to those who have shared our page and invited their friends! To check out our pages, and to give us a like (if you’d like!), click the links below.

Instagram: @weareletsbeclear


Monday was also the first day of work for our incredible new summer interns, Madeleine & Lex! We’re stoked to have them onboard, and to have met so many amazing folks along the way. Thanks to all those who applied!

As we continue building out our team, we’re looking for a graphic designer. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, you can check out the posting here! Similarly, if you dabble in graphic design or drawing, take a peek at our logo competition and consider submitting an entry! The winner will get some free Let’s Be Clear swag, including a t-shirt with the logo they designed on it. And a final note on the design-train, we’re getting ready to share our first set of apparel designs! We’ll be rolling them out on our social media pages over the coming weeks and would love to hear what you think.

On the business side of things, we’ve been spending a lot of time trying to sort out what legal structure is best for us. The first decision to make was non-profit versus for-profit. We spoke with a number of advisors, did a ton of online research and debated the pros and cons as a team. In the end, we decided that we wanted to be a for-profit company. We believe this can be a profitable business, and we believe that we can use those profits to do more good. The next decision to make is what kind of for-profit company we want to be. Our plan had been to register as a B Corp, but after speaking with a lawyer, we realized that we might not have the resources to do that quite yet. Instead, he suggested we register as an LLC or C Corp. Next step is talking to an accountant to figure out which makes most sense for us. Simultaneously, we’re working on outlining some company bi-laws that will help us keep our social mission – to normalize sexual consent – at the core of all our operations and our decisions. More on that in the next post! Beyond that, our core focus moving forward is on getting ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign – we’ve got to start working on our video, doing some comprehensive financial run-downs, figuring out our backer levels, and scaling up our marketing efforts. Speaking of which, we’ll also be making an appearance at the Boston Pride Parade on June 11, with some awesome bracelets and buttons that our interns designed (photos to come)!

And with that, I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend – Happy Memorial Day!