We finally have a name!

Spring has finally come to Boston and, as we sit at our array of desk jobs throughout the city, the marathon has begun. I think we have all realized that developing this company as an idea, a brand, and a business is a marathon and will not happen overnight. As a team we have been increasingly working to better our website and social media presence, learn the ins and outs of business operations, and stretch outside our comfort zones to engage with people and make connections in the name of the business.

Speaking of the name of our business… With the help of a fantastic advisor, the creative brilliance of Barefoot Brainstorming, and the naming geniuses at fussfactory, we were finally able to decide on a new name for the business: Let’s Be Clear!!! Changing our name was a difficult (surprisingly emotional) process, but we believe the name Let’s Be Clear really captures who we are as an organization and what we stand for – it encompasses the individuality of experience, emphasizes the importance of clear communication between all parties, and highlights the need for constructive conversations about consent within our society. With our new name and solidified brand identity, we’re ready to start participating actively in the (inter)national conversation about consent, and help break down the stereotypes around sex and consent.

So what’s next? Well, we’re entering the final week of interviews for our summer internship and have a big team meeting coming up this Sunday. We are also just about to start a logo competition (more details to come!) and are on the hunt for a graphic designer, and we’re just about ready to launch our social media pages, so keep an eye out for those!

Cheers and Happy Marathon Monday!

Will Fetchko