What is a Campus Rep?

Campus Reps are members of the Let's Be Clear community that are committed to making conversations about sexual consent more accessible. They're courageous college students who understand how important it is to change the culture and to speak up against sexual violence.

What's required?

  • Be comfortable talking about consent! We know it's not always easy, but our reps need to be okay having awkward conversations. It's a part of changing the culture.
  • Love Let's Be Clear. Be a current customer (if that's financially feasible for you) or be spreading the word! 
  • We don't care about your background. It doesn't matter to us if you're an athlete, a leader, a book worm, a fashionista, or something else entirely. All we care about is that you're committed to gender equality & changing the culture around consent.
  • Be excited! There's a lot we can do when we work together.

What do Campus Reps do?

Reps should expect to spend a few hours a week helping promote Let's Be Clear and consent in their communities. We'll send you free stuff and promo codes to help you get the word out. Every semester, Reps work as a team to come up with an activity that can be run on their campuses. Reps also help create and share content for our social media pages -- if you're curious about digital marketing, this is a great opportunity to learn and gain some experience! On top of that, when we're gearing up to launch a new line of apparel, workshop, or social media campaign, we'll be hitting you up for feedback.

More than anything, we want you to take initiative and get creative -- if you think there's a program that would work well on your campus or in your community, we want to hear about it!